2.5 to 4 years

At the Up pre-school children feel right at home and are able to grow, learn and play in a nurturing atmosphere!

First and foremost, children have a lot of fun. They already learn a lot by playing in well-designed surroundings.  At the warm, professional Up pre-school we therefore do plenty of games together, read good books and play outdoors. During their playtime, children also learn social skills such as cooperation, waiting their turn and sharing. Transferring to primary school after having attended preschool is not such a big step.

Nieuwe treinbaan in aanbouw bij kinderdagverblijf - Up Kinderopvang aan de Labouchèrelaan in Rijswijk

Pre-school days and times

Up offers pre-school during school weeks. Your child may come twice a week, always on fixed half-days. Each location has its own opening times which you can find, along with more useful information, on the page of your Up location.

Your child is able to come to pre-school for more half-days if you have a special referral from the child healthcare centre (consultatiebureau or CJG). You may also opt for more pre-school half-days in The Hague if you are eligible for childcare benefit (kinderopvangtoeslag).

Pedagogical approach

Our staff are enthusiastic, professional and ensure all the children feel at home. They read aloud, invent games, stimulate the toddlers with small tasks and help them if they get stuck. We make sure there is enough space and time to give individual attention to each child.

We work with the Uk & Puk and Speelplezier educational methods which prepare the children for primary school through play; these methods are also often used in the first two groups of primary education.

We keep a record of the young child’s development in the KIJK! child tracking system. This is done by observing how the children behave and operate within the group. By using KIJK! we can offer tailor-made activities for each child.

How much does pre-school cost?

The cost of pre-school depends on your personal situation and the municipality in which you live. You will pay part of the costs yourself and the Dutch Tax Office (Belastingdienst) or municipality (gemeente) pays the rest.

You can see whether you are eligible for childcare benefit, and how much that is, on the website of the Dutch Tax Office. If you are eligible for childcare benefit (kinderopvangtoeslag) you can easily calculate how much our nursery care will cost with the Up calculator.

With a Youth and Family centre (Centrum voor Jeugd & Gezin, CJG) referral

If your toddler needs extra support in his development you can get a referral from the CJG, the child healthcare centre (consultatiebureau).

If you live in The Hague you can get two free extra half-days pre-school with this referral. Your child can then come to the Up pre-school for a total of four half-days.

In Rijswijk you may register your child at a pre-school with this referral. In this type of pre-school more attention is paid to language development and other skills, which your child can then attend for four half-days.

Children who need extra attention, often start at the age of 1½ or 2 at Speelstart or Samenspel. This is a play and learning group for you and your child. It is fun and educational, and helps children make the transition towards toddler care or toddler play school.

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