About us

Up is a professional childcare organisation with a huge amount of experience and enthusiasm. We provide care for all kinds of children from action heroes to chill-seekers and from baby to young adolescent. We are also here for their parents. Together we enrich your child’s life!

Good for everyone

Up Kinderopvang (childcare) is good for everyone; we provide everything your child needs and you can be assured that everything is properly organised. We do all we can to make every day special together with the parents and schools. The children learn new skills and discover unexpected talents through play. They also make new friends and learn not only to work together but also other life skills which they will benefit from in the future.

In our clear pedagogical vision you can read all about how we ensure the most enjoyable, nurturing and best form of childcare.

Our organisation

We are a not-for-profit organisation, so everything we earn is used to improve our childcare such as refurbishing the location or buying new toys and materials for the children. We offer a wide range of facilities for a large target group: everyone is welcome at Up! This includes day care and out-of-school care and the more specialist care provided by Speelstart and Samenspel.

Up is part of Kinderopvang Morgen.

Our locations

Up has more than 20 locations in Rijswijk, The Hague and Delft. Each Up location has its own range of services (from pre-school to day care and out-of-school care) with its own unique feel. They all have fully equipped play rooms, cool chill-out corners and there is always the possibility to play outside. Our locations are situated in residential areas and in schools so that there is always an Up near you.

For more information on Up in your neighbourhood, please take a look at our locations page and ask for a tour. You are more than welcome to visit!

Our staff

At Up we employ crafters, adventurers, sport fanatics, chefs and those who inspire and comfort. Our pedagogical team can do anything! Their enthusiasm and expertise make childcare at Up so special, so we are incredibly proud of what they achieve every day: giving the children a fantastic, great and educational time!

Our pedagogical team have all done a child-oriented education and regularly take additional courses at our Academy. They can build on many years of experience and up-to-date expertise, but primarily on plenty of enthusiasm and a passion for their job.

If you would also like to be part of Up, please send us a message!

Questions? Call 070 - 7920101