Our childcare

We provide care for all kinds of children from action heroes to chill-seekers and from baby to young adolescent. Below you can find all the different kinds of childcare Up offers.

Day care 0 to 4 years

Growing up is a spectacular adventure full of new challenges and discoveries and there is no better place to get the most out of growing up than at Up. At the Up childcare centres the children have fun, make new friends and develop important life skills through play.

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Pre-school 2.5 to 4 years

At the Up pre-school the children make new friends, take part in cool outdoor games and discover their hidden talents! Toddlers at Up have lots of fun and learn all kinds of skills through play which are very useful later in life, guided by our enthusiastic pedagogical team. Samenspel and Speelstart are a step leading to our toddler care.

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Out-of-school care 4 to 13 years

The Up out-of-school care facility is for children who know exactly what they want, but also for children who want to wander off the beaten track. Whether you’re an action hero, chill-seeker or something in between, at Up you will get the most out of your free time.

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Calculate costs

The cost of childcare depends on your personal situation. You will pay part of the costs yourself and the municipality or government pays the rest. You can calculate the precise amount using the Up calculator.