How can I apply for an extra care day?

You can do this easily with our app and you can link your request to a ‘deadline’. This deadline indicates the cut-off date for your application on our waiting list, if it has not yet been approved. This will prevent you getting approval on the day itself and having to pay for the extra care day when you no longer want it.

An example of an extra care day application:
You apply for an extra care day for Friday and you set the ‘deadline’ for Wednesday. If you do not receive approval straight away for the requested extra care day, you will be on the waiting list until the Wednesday.
If there is initially no space, but an extra early learning expert is scheduled due to several applications, this can be indicated until the deadline. After the deadline on Wednesday you will no longer be on the waiting list and your application will expire.

If you have not installed the Parent app yet, you can see how to download the app here.

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