How can I register my child’s absence with the Parent app?

If your child will not be coming for childcare because they are ill or you are going on holiday, you can cancel the childcare using the ‘Report absence’ button (at the top) under ‘My child’ in the Parent app.

Important information:

Cancelling on the day your child is absent can be done via the Parent app as follows:

  • Until 8:00 if your child attends an Up childcare centre
  • Until 13:30 on school days if your child attends out-of-school care
  • Until 8:00 during holidays or on non-school days if your child attends out-of-school care

If you cancel your child’s care via the Parent app before the time given above, you will receive credit for this (Compensation for absence). After the times mentioned above, you can only register the child’s absence by calling the Up childcare centre directly and you will not be able to use the day as an exchange day.

If you have cancelled your child’s care day, but you want to reinstate it, please call the childcare centre your child attends directly.

Note: If you cancel after 13.30, you will no longer receive any credit for this day of absence.

If you have not installed the Parent app yet, you can see how to download the app here.

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