How does care credit work?

Out-of-school care for 46 or 52 weeks a year

If your child comes for out-of-school care for 46 or 52 weeks a year, you will receive care credit annually. This care credit equals the number of holiday weeks in your contract (6 or 12 weeks) and is based on the number of fixed care days per week. You can use this care credit for care during school holidays and on school-free days.

Important information:
Please apply for the holiday weeks and the school-free days for your child in advance via the Parent app. Please also do this for the days your child usually comes to out-of-school care during normal school term time. This will enable us to know exactly how many children are coming and also to ensure that we have enough staff and great activities!


Out-of-school care for 40 weeks a year

If your child only comes for out-of-school care during the school term (40 weeks), you will not have childcare during the school holidays or care credit. You may, of course, apply for extra care during the school holidays and school-free days for a surcharge via the Parent app or parent portal!

If you have not installed the Parent app yet, you can see how to download the app here or login to the Parent portal directly on your desktop.

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