Day care
0 to 4 years

We are here for all kinds of parents and children! Growing up is a spectacular adventure full of new challenges and discoveries and there is no better place to get the most out of growing up than at Up. At Up day care the children have fun, make new friends and develop important life skills through play.

Days and times

You decide what kind of day care you need and how much. Your child comes on fixed days, but if you want to exchange a day or come an extra day, that is usually possible. The options at each Up day care location are all slightly different. Sometimes childcare is available during school hours and sometimes you can also book half days. You can find the different options at the Up day care location that suits you best.

Our day care locations are open on work days throughout the year. We are only closed on official holidays, otherwise we are always at your service. Opening times differ at each location, so please check our locations page.

Kijk ons nu samen bij kinderdagverblijf - Up Kinderopvang aan Wethouder Fischerplantsoen in Den Haag Ypenburg

Feel at home

All our day care locations are designed to help your child and you feel at home. There is a common living room, kitchen, bedrooms, a garden and sometimes an extra play area.

We believe that the rooms and play areas, the toys and activities all support the Up pedagogical vision and this in turn enables us to offer the quality we are so proud of. Each day care location also has its own feel; the activities, both inside and out, complement the feel and themes within that centre. Look for an Up day care location near you.

Up active

Our activities programme Up active is full of inspiring elements and activities perfectly suited to a child’s understanding and experience. These are unique activities that enable the child to get to know their environment in new and different ways. Activities that enable children between 0-13 years to develop and have fun.

Daily programme

We have a daily programme with a number of fixed activities such as sleeping, eating and playing inside or outside. This gives the day a calming and familiar framework. However, each day is different as you can never plan absolutely everything with small children. Our staff maintain the quiet atmosphere, keep an overview of activities and ensure each child feels at home.

Individual attention

The staff at Up ensure a good balance between playing together and individual attention: supervising games for the whole group, in smaller groups or undertaking something alone. There are two members (and sometimes 3) of the pedagogical team per group so that they have enough time for all the children.

Spelen met ijs bij peuteropvang - Up Kinderopvang aan de P.C. Boutenslaan in Rijswijk

Group composition

Most Up day care locations have groups with children of all ages: we call these ‘vertical’ groups. There are also Up day care locations with groups in which the children are more or less the same age – the so-called ‘horizontal’ groups. In this case the children move through two or three groups: the baby group (0-2 years), then the infant group (2-4 years) when it is formed and finally the pre-school group.

Food and drink

Up takes care of food and drink, including bottle feeds. We feed young babies according to their home feeding schedule and eat together at the table with the older children. Healthy snacks such as fresh fruit, a cracker or a piece of cucumber are provided between meals. Some locations have a vegetable garden so the children there can eat their own fresh vegetables! You don’t get fresher than that.

If your child has a food allergy or intolerance, please let us know so that we can provide an adapted menu!

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