Out-of-school care
4 to 13 years

The Up out-of-school care facility is for children who know exactly what they want, but also for children who want to wander off the beaten track. Whether you’re an action hero, chill-seeker or something in between, at Up you are always encouraged to be yourself!

At Up your child can unwind after a day at school, have fun and join in great activities. There are various rooms to chill out in, chat about the day and then choose what you want to do, whether it’s taking part in one of the workshops or activities we organise, doing homework in peace or playing outside with your friends. You can do what you want because it’s your free time.

Our pedagogical team are enthusiastic and professional and are great at thinking up ideas for games and workshops. They also listen to each child’s wishes, help them with homework if necessary and stimulate the children, helping them to discover their talents. You have loads of fun, but you also secretly learn lots at Up out-of-school care!

Plezier tijdens het kleien bij buitenschoolse opvang - Up Kinderopvang aan Laan van Hoornwijck In den Haag Ypenburg

Days and times

We are here all year through, every school day, but also on days when there is no school. You’re welcome every school day after school and during school holidays and, on any days in between when there is no school, you can come for the whole day! Apart from the official holidays and the weekends, there are no (mandatory) days or weeks when we are closed.

Your child comes on fixed days, but if you want to exchange a day or come an extra day, that is not usually a problem. The care can be combined with pre-school care, or extended with extra care during school-free days and extra hours (if the lower classes of your child’s primary school have finished earlier than the higher classes).

The opening times differ for each location as they depend on the local primary school times. You can find the opening times of each location, and other handy information, on our locations page.

Care that suits you

We help children to get the most out of growing up at all the Up out-of-school locations. The design of the spaces, the range of activities and the methods we use all tie in to our vision, enabling us to offer Up quality everywhere. In addition, each location has its own approach and atmosphere which we are proud of. You can find a complete list of all the locations here which will help you find a suitable location near you in no time; in Rijswijk, The Hague (Ypenburg) or Delft.

The children form the out-of-school location

The children are encouraged to have ideas for activities at their Up out-of-school location. We discuss rules, trips, what kind of food they like, the furnishings in the rooms and new toys and games with the children. We also discuss more serious subjects such as bullying and we give the children space to come up with their own solutions. Children enjoy expanding their independence and responsibility in this way!

Out-of-school centre and the school

Each Up out-of-school care location works closely with one or more primary schools in the area. Care is offered close to, or even in the school building itself with the choice of primary school often determining which out-of-school centre you select. We pick up your child from school on school days. If their parents agree, older children may come to the out-of-school care location independently. During the school holidays, children are welcome at Up for the whole day!

Up active

Our activities programme Up active is full of inspiring elements and activities perfectly suited to a child’s understanding and experience. These are unique activities that enable the child to get to know their environment in new and different ways. Activities that enable children between 0-13 years to develop and have fun.

Holiday programme

Up offers a fantastic holiday programme during school holidays. We are open all day and we start the day with breakfast at half past seven. After that we do all kinds of exciting activities both inside and out: sing karaoke, go on a treasure hunt in the woods, go swimming, visit a museum and lots more. If we go on an outing we take sandwiches with us, otherwise we eat at the out-of-school location. We sometimes organise a special programme with a couple of other Up locations, setting up a summer survival camp or having a tasty BBQ afternoon together.

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