Can I cancel my extra care day?

You can always cancel an extra care day. This can be done for free up to 7 days prior to the care day. If you cancel the day after this time, we will charge you for the extra day.

If you cancel childcare for your child via the Parent app before 8:00, you will receive a credit for that day (‘compensation for absence’). This credit has a maximum of 220 half hours per calendar year. Once you have used this credit for an extra day, the remaining maximum credit you can accrue will be adjusted accordingly i.e. it does not go back up to the annual limit.  After you have cancelled a day’s care for your child, you can use the credit for 30 days before the cancelled day, up to the end of the calendar year. Unused care credit expires immediately at the end of the calendar year and also in the event of premature termination of the care contract. There is no entitlement to a refund.

You cannot transfer the credit accrued for child day care to out-of-school care nor can you use this credit for brothers or sisters.

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