Pedagogical vision

Up Kinderopvang (childcare) is good for everyone; we provide everything your child needs and you can be assured that everything is properly organised. We do all we can to make every day special, together with the parents and schools.

Good for each other

The childcare at Up is ‘good for each other’. At Up, children get the space to develop in their own way, they learn new skills through play, and discover unexpected talents. They make new friends, have fun and gain valuable life skills. They’ll be ready for the world of today and of tomorrow.


Together with the children, our pedagogical team comes up with and organises various activities in which the children can develop and have fun. Our activities programme is full of inspiring elements and activities perfectly suited to a child’s understanding and experience.


Smart collaboration

We welcome the opportunity to work together with parents/guardians, schools and local organisations. This is based on our strong sense of social involvement and enables us to offer unique types of childcare that teaches children to look at their surroundings differently. Our collaboration with education safeguards the continual development of children from 0 to 13 years.


About Up

Up has over 20 locations in Rijswijk, The Hague (Ypenburg) and Delft. Each has been designed with extensive play areas, fun chill places, and all with space for outdoor fun. An enthusiastic and skilled pedagogical team is dedicated to helping children get the most out of growing up each day.


Up is a non-profit organisation; everything we earn is used to improve the childcare and make it more fun. We offer a wide range of services: from childcare to out-of-school care (and unique childcare such as Speelstart and Samenspel) for a large target group. Everyone can feel at home at Up.

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